First Baptist Church Sequim
Friday, February 23, 2018
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Teaching Notes


"All for Jesus"

Colossians 3:15-17


1. The peace of Christ is the "_______________" in our

       believing hearts and our churches.


2. When there is _______________ in the heart, there will be

       _______________ on the lips.


3. God's Word will _______________ our lives if we will

       permit it to dwell in us richly. The word "dwell"   

       means to "feel at home."


4. There is a definite relationship between our

       _______________ of the Bible and our expression of

       worship in music.


5. To truly worship, our singing must be from our

       _______________ and not just our lips.


6. Our singing must not simply be a display of ___________;

       it must be a demonstration of the _______________ of

       God in our lives for His _______________.


7. Bearing the name "Christian" means identification with

       Christ: We _______________ to Jesus.


8. Through our ______________ and our _______________, we

       should glorify the name of Jesus.


9. Bearing the name of Jesus is both a great _____________

       and a tremendous _______________.